p.a.m menswear ss14 | pro active mutation

PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-2 PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-3 PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-4 PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-5 PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-6 PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-7 PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-8 PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-9 PAM-PROACTIVE-lookbook-10

Shoot Credits

Direction: Perks and Mini
Photography: Max Doyle
Styling: Monique Moynihan
Models: Chris and Rachel Rutt
Hair: Pete Lennon
Make Up: Vic Anderson

One of the best recent campaigns I have seen. The shapes created by super babe Rachel Rutt and her brother Chris are just unreal. Do you stay or splice away? Questions of forgotten physical definitions of bodily autonomy when you only feel whole with another person – do you feel weaker or stronger? Stronger, probably, hopefully.

As always, menswear is far preferable to womenswear – what a strong collection this is. Great necklines, great crisp tailoring, great lettering and logo work; the work together in the collection, not against one another. A cyber tribe, a functional army of the future. P.A.M is definitely one of my new favourite labels.



casual bondage









Styling Notes

Top: Helmut Lang
Pants: American Apparel
Shoes: Windsor Smith
Jacket: Katie’s
Rings: Lovisa
Wallet: Comme des Garçons

Behold, my newest purchase: these Windsor Smith slides. Now we all would’ve noticed the huge Windsor Smith blow-up in the past few years, their chunky sandals are a hit with teenage girls all over the country. The stacked heels aren’t my thing, so I was pretty excited that these very basic, very comfortable leather slides were also available from the Australian retailer. You can wear them with anything, and they add a relaxed feeling to any outfit – extremely handy for someone who always looks a little menacing in all black and leather. When spring comes along, they’ll be on my feet everyday.

As said a few posts earlier, I don’t really get to wear anything too crazy at work. My uniform is a t-shirt, so I usually end up wearing jeans and sneakers every single day. In an effort to change that up a bit, and save me from my daily work clothing-related depression/boredom, I started to wear these American Apparel dropcrotch harem pants. In all fairness, I bought them one night when I was sitting outside a pub in the freezing cold with bare legs. They saved me that night, and every day I’ve worn them since – they are my pant angels.

My leather jacket is shiny in photos for some reason, but it’s quite matte in real life. It’s not real leather, and it cost me $20. I love it, wear it almost everyday, and get shitloads of compliments on it. Y’know, it’s almost as if being snobby about clothes from is a bit stupid… Weird.

My top is one of my favourite purchases of all time. Adelaide gem, the now-closed Filter Store, had a huge sale. I purchased some Comme des Garçons pants, and this Helmut Lang tee was a last minute ‘oh go on, I’ll grab this one too’ kind of situation. Its a 00’s long bondage tee, made in Japan from super soft 100% cotton, and customisable bondage strap along the bottom.

FInally, my favourite purchase of the year so far. I’d been looking for a wallet for years. Literally, years. I went on holiday to Sydney and had promised myself I wouldn’t spend much money. I was in a mens clothing store, and as I was admiring some crazy Visvim shoes, the rack of Comme des Garçons wallets caught my eye. Less than 10 minutes later, I owned one. I carry hardly any cash (read: I don’t have any) so it’s the perfect size if you’re a card-only kinda person.All black leather, as you’d expect – I wanted timeless, no polka dots thanks Rei you champion!

Black leather, all day erryday.


agent provocateur








I struggle to think of myself as ‘feminine’ or ‘sexy’ most of the time, especially by conventional standards, but Agent Provocateur is the brand that somehow turns me into a some kind of maniacal sex kitten with a penchant for suspenders and whips. Like, do you remember the first time you watched Basic Instinct? And even though Sharon Stone was a homicidal psychopath, you were like, ‘damn girl, you are a sexy majestic woman, i wonder if I’d look that attractive stabbing a guy while having sex with him?’ That’s pretty much the sexy/powerful feels I get from Agent Provocateur.

Adelaide’s never had an AP before, and they invited me to have some champagne and take some photos at their opening in David Jones Central Plaza, off Rundle Mall. It’s always good vibes when some bigger labels open in Adelaide; we always tend to wait longer than some of the bigger cities and its a celebration when it finally happens.

It’s a gorgeous little showroom. Head past all the shoes on the lower ground level, and soon you will find the little pink counter surrounded by perfume, whips, and lingerie – unless I’m there, then all the lingerie will be mine.

Cheers to Golightly PR for inviting me, and also for the following image of me shooting models in lingerie, pretty cute.



word up with maurie & eve

IMG_0318 copy




IMG_0383 copy


Styling notes

Jeans: Maurie & Eve
Jumper: Cotton On
Shoes: Tony Bianco
Bag: Sportsgirl
Rings: Lovisa

I finally finally finally got my hands on pair of Maurie & Eve’s ‘Word Jean’ in black. I’m in love with them. They’re baggy, but taper around the ankle. Dropcrotch with extremely low back pockets. Super low waist – the complete opposite of all my other jeans.

You can dress them up or down; my faithful Tony Bianco’s, black Sportsgirl leather-look tote and a huge chunky knit are my favourite go-to pairing when I have to look semi-polished. Which is amazing, because getting dressed up in winter normally sucks for girls because you’re absolutely fucking freezing. Not this moi, I wholeheartedly refuse to freeze myself half to death. And this outfit smokes any flimsy icicle-inducing cocktail dress out the water anyway. Did I mention how comfortable they are? It’s like a soft denim cloud is swathed around your butt. Keep your eyes out, my next personal style post will be dressing them down.

My winter has been completely made now the Maurie & Eve’s are in my life. Big ups to désordre boutique for getting these in my hands so fast, and with an adorable note 😍


all photos by the wonderful Daniel Freer

winter uniform

This is what I’ve been wearing during the bitter winter we are having here in Adelaide. Literally every single day, like an army uniform. It’s fucking freezing outside; it does feel a little like walking into a war zone. My current job doesn’t really allow for really out-there fashion choices anyway – I wear jeans with boots or sneakers everyday. So before and after work, it’s all about thick rollneck and/or cable knit jumpers, draped leather jackets, dropcrotch jeans, and minimal accessories. I like to scare the customers with gothic dark lipstick sometimes though. And if I had a spare $450 to blow, I’d be buying those rimless CÉLINE beauties, instead of a shiny sunglass number off the rack at the servo when I’m buyin’ my Marlboro Golds.

All outfit notes are underneath the image.

erryday winter outfit






You probably saw the preview images of Opening Ceremony’s collaboration with artist Rene Magritte, same as I did. You probably thought it looked pretty fucking amazing too. Well, it’s finally here, released and available on the OC website. And it looks as good as we all thought it would.

The collection is part of Opening Ceremony’s ode to Belgium, and Rene Magritte is, in their words, “one of the country’s greatest artists”. Photographed by Phillipe Jarrigeon, the collection includes a ridiculously amazing lineup of sweatshirts, button shirts, a range of tops, skirts, slim-fit pants, dresses, and most amazingly, a add-on collaboration with shoe giants Manolo Blahnik, Van’s, and Birkenstock. All items feature images from twelve of Magritte’s most iconic pieces, including Sheherazade, The King’s Museum, The Lovers, Good Connections, A Blow to the Heart, and Ladder of Fire. 

The entire collection is now up on Opening Ceremony’s website, and I doubt the pieces will last long. Too good.

















All images from openingceremony.us


t r y s t

I’ve been involved in some pretty amazing projects recently, so I thought I’d share some of them!

This video, shot by the gifted Luke Eblen, was created in Adelaide while shooting Jason Fassbender’s AHFA Collection, Tryst.

Jason, a renowned hairdresser and creative director from Parlour Hair Unley, is a forward thinker in the Australian hair industry. He creates not only beautiful hair, but stunning collections that are easily mistaken for fashion editorials. More of his work can be found on the Parlour Hair Unley Facebook page, here.

The collection, photographed by the always brilliant Sydney fashion photographer Daniel Noone, showed eight glistening looks, featuring luxurious satin and silk – a nod to a rich hotel lifestyle, and the alluring women who enjoy a opulent manner of living.

All round talented team, which turned out incredible results. Some images are are below. Very proud of everyone.


Film/editing: Luke Eblen

Hair/styling: Jason Fassbender

MUA: Stacey O’Leary

Models: Melissa ‘MJ’ Johannsen (Finesse Models), Kat, Chloe Sargeant