Lovisa & Golf Punk

Just a quick post about an some items I absolutely LOVE. I took some Photobooth photos to accompany the post… they probably take away from the goodness, but oh well.

First off;

I bought this Golf Punk sweater dress when I was about seventeen, and mistakenly bought a size that was too small for me, due to Golf Punk’s extremely slim fit. However, I tried it on today, and it finally fits me! I love its length, cosy brushed interior and geometric pattern. Golf Punk was a fantastic label, I loved all of their items.


My three favourite rings. My faithful None the Richer ‘Caved’ ring on the far left is one I wear all the time, it was a present from the designer Ulyana. The other two are from Lovisa. I’ve never been into Lovisa before, and was pleasantly surprised. I absolutely love rings, so I was absolute heaven in this store. Everything is reasonably priced, and you can choose between on-trend pieces, or classic ‘wear it with everything’ pieces. The square gold ring on my pointer finger is simple and gorgeous, and the YSL-inspired khaki stone is my new favourite piece of jewelry. I highly encourage you to switch from Team Diva, and head into a Lovisa store!

C x